PureLUXE Pet Foods Connects Pet Owners to Detailed Formula Information

As much as ingredient transparency is of importance to the modern consumer, many conscious shoppers are looking to discover more about a product beyond basic labels—PureLUXE Pet Foods is setting itself apart as an innovator in this regard, by making highly detailed formula information available to pet parents.

On a PureLUXE Pet Foods package, consumers will find a date code, which may be used to get at additional information on the company's website. Online, the nutrition portal from PureLUXE includes a breakdown of ingredients by percentage and origin, as well as third-party testing results for general tests, probiotic certification, salmonella and more.

PureLUXE Pet Foods offers a range of products for both cats and dogs, helping to provide pet owners with peace of mind with grain-free, low glycemic and non-glutenous formulas.