The 2nd Gen Nest Protect Recognizes Difference in Risk Levels

 - Feb 12, 2018
References: nest & popsci
The 2nd gen Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a serious refresh of the standard home safety device. The core functionality of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors has remained more or less unchanged for decades, so Nest, the smart home company, has ventured to bring the utilitarian product in line with modern technological capabilities.

Smoke detectors are a clear necessity, but more often than not they're just annoyances, tripping false alarms and scaring the whiskers off nearby cats. The 2nd gen Nest Protect gives off alarms in stages, starting with a voice alert from Nest's assistant. Depending on how many device one has set up around their home, the initial alert will even indicate which room the smoke is in. This means that some harmless smoke in the kitchen won't immediately cause an ear-splitting siren.