- Mar 24, 2018
An individual spends a large portion of their life in their home, and these March 2018 home trends highlight the different ways in which product design can make one's abode as personalized and comfortable as possible.

Some of these innovations are as simple as a new AI-infused home assistant like the Archos' 'Hello,' which is compatible with Google Home. This particular device provides both visual and audio information that's perfect for streamlining one's morning. Other notable mentions in this list include The Philips 'Somneo' -- an alarm clock that mimics the sun's natural rays, offering an individual a more relaxing way to wake up in the morning.

Also included in this list, are some inspirational examples of architectural and interior design, like the breathtaking safari lodges found in the Tanzanian Highlands or the incredibly colorful storage units made by Colombo and Serboli Architecture, which are made to stand out instead of blend in.

From Standout Storage Units to AI-Infused Home Assistants: