Castor Designs Illuminating Fixtures that have No Metal Contact

 - Feb 20, 2018
References: castordesign & dezeen
Toronto-based design studio Castor designs a unique lighting system that induces an electric current through a marble slab. The 2,500 pound marble slab causes a glow from a tube that lies on top of it. Castor often explores with unique waves or electromagnetic induction and this latest project is a result of an electromagnetic field produced by a coil within the marble piece. It initiates the gases that are contained within the fluorescent bulb resting on the slab. This then would simulate illumination without the connection of metal pins to a power source.

The series of marble-induced lights is comprised of monolithic marble with a piece carved into the top for the tube light placement. Three versions were crafted -- one in black, and the other two in white. The designers express that the lamp base's geometric influence is drawn from minimalist sculptors such as Carl Andre and Donald Judd.

Image Credit: Castor