Villa IJsselzig Maximize Privacy without Abandoning River Views

 - Feb 27, 2018
References: archdaily
Many towns throughout the Netherlands are connected via a series of arterial canals rather than roadways, and Villa IJsselzig is a newly built home that is designed to maximize its relation to that aquatic public infrastructure. The river is certainly attractive, but all the homes in the area face it (much in the same way that homes typically face the road), so Villa IJsselzig retains its desirable view while also maintaining the residents' privacy.

Villa IJsselzig's facade is designed to create a harmonious form. Whereas many of the other, more traditional homes in the area adhere to the relative eclecticism of the local architectural style, Villa IJsselzig is covered in red brick and a simple copper roof that gives it a minimal, attractive appearance as a whole.

Image Credit: Sebastian van Damme