- Feb 14, 2019
This list of innovative housing concepts includes examples from all over the world. Some of them are realized, others are in the process of development and the third category presents far-fetched ideas that might be a possibility in the future.

As architects embark to create the urban infrastructure for the 21st century, a lot of the focus falls on sustainable construction, affordable homes, as well as cutting-edge technology's role in design. 3D-printing is spotlighted here as a lot of professionals are producing housing concepts that showcase the immense advantages of the particular mode of production — from its inherent affordability to its eco-conscious agenda.

Architects like Maria Vergopoulou, on the other hand, tap their imagination and produce mind-boggling housing concepts that just might work in future decades. Her 'Cocoon BioFloss' idea, for example, gives individuals the ability to grow their own home.

From Peak-Like Mixed-Use Complexes to 3D-Printed Concrete Houses: