Pikachu Talk is Being Released Worldwide In Celebration of Pokemon Day

 - Feb 27, 2018
References: mynintendonews & gamespot
In celebration of Pokemon Day, Pikachu Talk will finally be available for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The feature, which is was already available in Japan, gives users the ability to ask their home assistant a Pikachu-related question, and it will respond with a variation of its name. The system does not seem to know any lines in any human language and will respond more like the classic anime Pikachu. There is clearly no practical use of this update, but as a novelty tool it is actually quite enjoyable and fun to play around with.

Along with Pikachu Talk, Pokemon Day can also be celebrated through Snapchat and Pokemon Go. Snapchat will be releasing several filters based on the Kanto region starter Pokemon and will be offering Pokemon gear on its new store. The PokemonGo app will be hosting a number of events in its game, including a festive party hat that can be found out in the wild.