Snarkitecture Sculpts Furniture from Natural Formations

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: dezeen
New York Studio Snarkitecture presented its glacier-inspired kitchen island concept at the 2018 Interior Design Show in Toronto. The design of the object is mid-way between a modern sculpture and instrumental kitchen furniture. Snarkitecture's three islands are crafted with a Ceaserstone quartz surface material and their form references water in its various forms — glaciers, rivers and geysers. Snarkitecture shares that the pieces are "very material-oriented" and took this opportunity to experiment with the versatile and aesthetic-rich surfaces of Ceaserstone, as well as engage the visitors with exploring the material for themselves.

A highly interactive piece of the glacier-inspired kitchen island collection is the 'Ice Island.' It is essentially a 37-layer black Ceaserstone, encompassing a large sphere of ice that is kept at optimum temperature, but melts when touched by visitors.