The 'Coyote Vest' Protects Canines from Predators

 - Mar 2, 2018
References: coyotevest & odditymall
Small dogs are constantly at risk of being attacked by predators like coyotes and birds of prey, so the 'Coyote Vest' has been created to help offer owners a way to protect them. Suitable for a wide range of small dog breeds, the vest works by incorporating a series of metal spikes that are strategically placed along the back and neck of the garment. This will stop predators and larger dogs from doing much damage by thwarting them before they do any damage to the pet.

The 'Coyote Vest' comes in a variety of different colors, is crafted from durable Kevlar material to ensure it's ready for years of continued use and will also work effectively to help owners keep an eye on their pet's whereabouts thanks to the bright aesthetic.