- Apr 28, 2018
From warm weather workout gear to extensive vegan recipe apps, the April 2018 lifestyle trends demonstrate that the obsession with health and wellness only continues to grow.

On the one hand, consumers have become increasingly interested in finding new and better ways to get fit. For many, this has meant turning to portable fitness equipment such as Booty LYFT or the Hyfit Wearable Gym, in order to workout inside the home. For others, this means finding apparel that helps them workout in nature, such as Nike's new Gyakusou performance line.

Beyond simply getting more exercise, many consumers are also looking for ways to improve their diet. For a growing number of people this means eating more plant-based foods, which has caused the rise of vegan recipe platforms such as One Green Planet's Food Monster app. As the April 2018 lifestyle trends reveal, consumers are also willing to turn to more curated and personalized meal plans such as the Lazar Angelov Diet.

From Warm Weather Workout Gear to Extensive Vegan Recipe Apps: