The Salin Plus Salt Therapy Air Purifier Emits Negative Ions and More

 - Mar 1, 2018
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
The natural health care product market is expanding by leaps and bounds as consumers seek out ways to manage ailments without the need for prescriptions, which is seeing new options like the Salin Plus Salt Therapy air purifier come about. Developed with the principles of halotherapy, the air cleaner will work effectively to remove contaminants from the air and emit negative ions that are attached to microscopic salt particles. This helps to effectively alleviate the symptoms that come with ailments such as colds, flus, bronchitis, allergies, post nasal drip and much more.

The Salin Plus Salt Therapy air purifier will work to clean the air in areas up to 5,000 cubic feet in size and will remove a wide array of allergens.