From Crystal Ball Sleep Aids to Posture-Correcting Massagers

 - Apr 29, 2018
These forward-thinking April 2018 health ideas show the many ways in which everyday well-being is becoming more accessible to the average consumer through healthier dietary products and on-the-go tools to have people simply feel better in their body.

While a number of better-for-you choices are disrupting the frozen dessert category, some other noteworthy food and drinks that recently launched include cauliflower-based baking mixes, canned probiotic sodas, as well as supplements that focus on mood management.

In order to better support consumers' active lifestyles, a number of brands are releasing pocket-sized massage tools and services to promote recovery. Some of the best examples of this include Cardlax and the low-tech Backrelease set. 'ReCOVER' sets itself apart as not just another New York City workout studio, but a center that supports all facets of mind and body recovery.