Researchers Have Developed a 3D-Printed Dissolving Microneedle Array

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: & digitaltrends
Needles are a fear for many, but recent research coming out of the University of Texas at Dallas has lead to a 3D-printed dissolving microneedle array. The innovative new technology utilizes a collection of microneedles that promise painless delivery, and are sure to provide a less-daunting alternative for the needle-phobic. The painless feature of the dissolving microneedle array comes from the minuscule needles that are also incredibly sterile.

The dissolving microneedle array has already been tested on pig skin, where they've been shown to be capable of delivering a sample dose of dye beneath the skin. The injection is applied through slight pressure on the needle base, causing the array of needles to break off in the skin. They then deliver the drug payload over time as the needles begin to dissolve. The needles are comprised of a non-toxic polymer polylactide, which is already used effectively in dissolvable stitches.