FLEX is a Menstrual Product That's Made to Move with the Wearer

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: instagram & flexfits
Women who are looking for a safer, more comfortable, and less limiting menstrual product to use might find what they're looking for in FLEX, a disc that's made from medical-grade polymer.

Although similar to a menstrual cup in that it holds fluid rather than absorbs it like a tampon would, FLEX is different in that it sits further back in the body, with it resting just past the vaginal canal. In addition to preventing uncomfortable chafing that some might notice with more traditional products, FLEX's placement means that women can wear it while having sex too. Also like a menstrual cup, FLEX only needs to be replaced every 12 hours, and can hold far more fluid than a tampon.

To use FLEX, all consumers need to do is pinch the disc in half and insert it by pushing it in. Once FLEX is inserted, the front edge of the disc is tucked behind the public bone.