'Saori Plush' is a Soft and Comfortable Drying Tool Made of Bamboo

 - Mar 7, 2018
References: kickstarter
The Saori Plush antibacterial towel is a solution to the uncomfortable occasion when one forgets to tend to the bathroom rack and is left with dirty, damp cloths. The product proudly advertises that it is "all-natural" and that it "stays clean and smelling fresh for seven days straight."

The antibacterial towel has an all-natural bamboo construction. The sustainable plant has an organic component—"bamboo kun," which allows it to grow without outside interference of pesticides or fertilizers.

In addition, the material of the antibacterial towel allows the Saori Plush to be durable with a zero twist weave, super absorbent, exquisitely soft and quick-drying with an advanced moisture-wicking design that is three times faster than regular towels and that further prevents bacterial growth.