- Dec 8, 2018
These hair product gift ideas for the festive season elevate any beauty routine, as well as items that are suitable for any hair type. There are many different hair types that require different care routines and styling approaches -- this can often be affected by the change of weather due to the fluctuating moisture levels.

A blow dryer plays a role in many haircare routines, and the HAI Beauty Concepts' 'Stylset' offers full control, from heat, wind pressure, and notably, scent. The control panel offers users to alter as they please according to their differentiating hair types and it is complete with a pleasing jasmine floral scent fused into the hair. Another great hair-centric gift idea is the Ayurvedic oil by Alchemy Oils -- it draws concepts that were used in the ancient art of Indian hairstyling. It stems from hair strengthening ideas that initiate hair growth, crafted from cruelty-free processes and natural ingredients.

From Scent-Emitting Hair Dryers to Ayurvedic Hair Oils: