Forever Wild Organics' Teas Can Be Consumed or Used as a Hair Rinse

Brands have been producing beauty teas for many years to promote benefits such as healthy hair, a clear complexion and strong nails but Forever Wild Organics takes a unique approach to its 'Hair Teas.'

The brand's herbal hair growth teas can indeed be consumed as a comforting drink but they are also touted as products that can be used as tea rinses to be applied directly to the hair. As Forever Wild Organics describes, "drink our tea blend to combat the reasons behind your lack of hair growth or dryness while smoothing the hair cuticle and coating the hair shaft with a protective herbal layer."

As consumers become more discerning about the kinds of products they are and are not willing to put onto their skin, cosmetic and personal care brands are prioritizing the use of food-grade ingredients. At the same time, many of the same natural and organic are launching beauty supplements that appeal to consumers who believe in promoting health and a radiant glow from the inside out.