- Jun 21, 2019
With summer here, consumers are looking for lightweight sunscreens to protect their skin from damaging UV rays. Luckily, sunscreen has evolved from traditional thick white creams associated with lifeguards, to non-greasy, light formulas that can be worn easily under makeup.

One example is 'Brush On Block' that was developed for sensitive skin. The sunscreen comes as a powder that is applied using a brush, making it easy to reapply throughout the day. Coppertone's 'Glow With Shimmer' is another great summer staple that boasts a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula. The product boosts skin luminosity and adds a shimmering glow. Finally, Korres' Yoghurt Suncare is essential for summer sun as it heals and soothes sun-damaged skin. It also features an ultra-light formula with a fast-absorption rate for longlasting sun protection.

From Translucent Powder Sunscreens to Lightweight Yogurt Sunscreens: