From Dog-Friendly Easter Treats to Deep-Cleaning Pet Bathers

 - Mar 25, 2018
The top March 2018 pet ideas include everything from modular cat furniture to dog-friendly interior designs, as well as inclusive pet-friendly retail pop-ups. Fido's has set itself apart in Portland, Oregon by introducing what it calls "The World's First Dog Tap House," as a beer- and dog-centric alternative to the popular cat cafe format.

As chocolate should not be given to pets, several brands are creating dog-safe and cat-friendly Easter egg treats, making it easy to include furry members of the household in spring celebrations.

Some of the other newly released products that doting pet owners will enjoy include pet-friendly superfood baking mixes, recyclable cardboard pet play structures and portable bathing systems that have the potential to transform challenging cleansing routines into fun bonding experiences.