Bureau Spectacular Takes on the P.O.D.System Architecture Challenge

The P.O.D.System Architecture challenge is a playful project by adidas Originals and Dezeen that inspires creative thought in a collaborative environment. The latest installment features Bureau Spectacular architects Joanna Grant and Jimenez Lai. The brief called for a design that is informed by adidas' recently released P.O.D.System shoe model — a pair of high-performance footwear.

Bureau Spectacular's response to the playful architecture challenge is absolutely whimsical. It boasts a toy-style multifunctional structure. Full of color and shapes, Grant and Lai deliver a "1:100 scale model of a conceptual mixed-used development" that boasts a group of high-rises. In addition, the two architects make their creation functional. The fantastical structure can double down as a cat tower — a definite benefit for furry companions.