The 'BrilliantPad' Dog Pad Collects and Seals Pet Waste

 - Jul 7, 2018
References: brilliantpad & thegadgetflow
The 'BrilliantPad' dog pad has been developed as a revolutionary piece of equipment for canine owners that will enable them to keep their furry friend relieved at all times without having to worry about constantly taking them out.

Integrated with an absorbent pad that will soak up liquids and dry out solids, the unit will let dogs do their business without having to go outside to prevent them from having to hold it for extended periods. This makes it ideal for use by apartment or condo dwellers who don't have ready access to outdoor space, or for those who often find themselves running late to ensure their pet is never left uncomfortable.

The 'BrilliantPad' dog pad is compatible for dogs under 25 pounds and can be set to change the pad up to three times per day, automatically.