- Sep 30, 2018
From functional artworks to naturally inspired useable sculptures, the September 2018 furniture list definitely favors the unique creative potentials that can be unlocked in contemporary home designs.

Vincent Pocsik pushes bronze and wood to their limits with an intricate manufacturing process that seamlessly engulfs the traditional in avant-garde narratives. Similarly, Stine Mikkelsen embraces this movement by creating furniture with a marble and volcanic ash composite. Los Angeles-based art director Yusong Zhang, on the other hand, realizes a LEGO coffee table with 10,480 pieces.

Aside from the ultra-innovative approaches to manufacturing and presentation, the September 2018 furniture trends highlight an e-commerce-friendly concept store — Batch, that bridges the gap between online-only brands and consumers. The San Francisco-based shop offers a space, where digital companies can showcase their offerings for a limited time.

From Art Deco Lighting Fixtures to Ceramic Waste Furniture: