Bundook Designs Nocturnal Beasts Shaped as Magical Creatures

 - Aug 8, 2018
References: bundook.design & bundook.design
Israeli design studio Bundook enhances youth's experiences hanging out on the streets with its Nocturnal Beasts furniture pieces. The visual design draws inspirational cues from magical fictional places such as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Where the Wild Things Are.' Notably, the street furniture pieces can produce both heat and light and function as loudspeakers without dependence on electricity as well, relying simply on its structure.

Bundook's founder Yohay Alush explains that the objective is to provide three basic needs -- that being heat, sound, and light. The three-piece collection features the 'Bentz,' the 'Paca,' and the 'Moe.' The Bentz is a bench with an incorporated stove where lumber and fire provide heat. The Moe is a lounge seat with pedals to generate a light source. The Paca is a concrete chair that has a large metal pipe that functions as a speaker for phones.