- Sep 30, 2018
The September 2018 marketing ideas are full of creative, interactive and thoughtful initiatives that bring brands closer to their audience.

The North Face, for one, offered its most daring consumers a revived line of professional rock climbing gear through a high-altitude pop-up shop. The temporary location was set up at 2,100 meters in the Dolomites in Italy, generating not only excitement but also a drive for performance and a love for nature.

Contemporary streetwear label Supreme, on the other hand, has absolutely mastered its physical extension into the urban world with an array of extravagant branding projects. A campaign that gained immense traction in the September 2018 marketing category was a partnership with the New York Post. The publicity stunt involved the placement of the minimalist Supreme logo on the news publication's front page.

From Celebratory Beer Fridges to Calming Cat Radio Stations: