SEGA Spent Months Developing a Vanilla-Flavored Edible Logo Cake

 - Aug 8, 2018
References: twitter & designtaxi
After a half a year of development, SEGA is finally revealing a premium vanilla-flavored logo cake that will be sold via a street stall.

The unique edible creation from SEGA was based on taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake that is filled with red bean cream or custard and commonly served from street stalls. SEGA's modern reinterpretation of the treat called for the creation of a special iron mold to share the right shape, along with space for the words for the company's motto—"Creation is Life"—on the reverse.

The premium taiyaki snack can be filled with one's choice of vanilla bean cream or red bean paste. SEGA has also created other snacks that feature some of the iconic characters from its universe, offering locals and tourists alike a fun way to connect with its creations.