- Sep 29, 2018
From life-like dog desserts and purple cheese-topped fries to gem-shaped cannabis confections and moon-inspired golden burgers, the September 2018 food trends are definitely an explosion of flavor.

As the movement of legalizing cannabis is progressing in North America, the industry is harnessing the untapped potential of CBD through products like Israeli-based Vaniglia's cannabis-flavored ice cream and Kozmic Gardens CBD's push-up pops. These food items do not have psychedelic after-effects.

Other innovations in cold desserts include Bompas & Parr's long-lasting ice lollies — a tasty treat that has proven to last extra-long without melting. Debuted at multi-sensory exhibition SCOOP, the item utilizes a frozen composite material that originated during World War II. The company is considering the dessert's introduction to supermarket chains.

From Ice Cream Bagel Creations to Metabolism-Boosting Teas: