- Dec 16, 2018
These gift ideas for Supreme fans are bound to impress beyond just streetwear enthusiasts as the imprint drops impressive apparel, toys, gadgets, and more. The simple bright red emblem is hard to miss and it adorns all of these items that are carefully crafted to bring a luxe touch to urban pieces.

A notable drop is Supreme's work alongside Lacoste on a selection of velour apparel in the form of a bucket hat, track pants, and matching track top. It features branding accents from both Supreme and Lacoste and the cozy craftsmanship is perfect for the holiday season.

A great example that sways away from clothing is the imprint's coin bank that is designed to trick the naked eye. It is complete in the signature bright red color along with a checkered black and white design over the front to show off a seemingly three-dimensional space and a floating logo.

From Luxe Velour Streetwear to Optical Illusion Coin Banks: