Le Fawnhawk's Branding is Mysterious, Delicate and Ethereal

Los Angeles-based art director Le Fawnhawk has a defined style and aesthetic exhibited through her desert fashion photography. As branding is incredibly important to both small and large businesses, so is the act of establishing a professional identity for the independent creative. For this, Le Fawnhawk taps into Brooklyn-based creative studio Unspoken Agreement. The services provided are centered around the client's identity as a brand, the development of a user-friendly website design, as well as some stationery for professional use.

Le Fawnhawk's creative process is termed as "a constant representation of her exploration of inner and outer wilderness" and Unspoken Agreement draws on this. Placing the incredibly elegant desert fashion photography as the pinnacle of Le Fawnhawk's brand, the studio produces an ethereal and mysterious imagery.

Photo Credits: Le Fawnhawk