Latitude Was Created to Share Real Stories of Women's Cannabis Use

 - Aug 15, 2018
References: 48nrth & explorelatitude
48North Cannabis Corp., a leading health and wellness brand that's dedicated to cannabis education and cultivation, has expanded its vision with the introduction of Latitude, an online platform that aims to empower women who are cannabis users by breaking down stigma and allowing them to share their authentic experiences.

The first edition of Latitude features a curation of photo essays, infographics, profiles and more for readers to explore, helping them to discover the versatility of cannabis in different women's lives, while representing a community that is largely underrepresented. In these profiles, readers will find that cannabis can be used for a wide range of purposes, whether it's as a means of "radical of self-care," or as a tool for being more in touch with the body and mind during exercise or creative endeavors.

With the cannabis industry quickly growing in Canada with its upcoming legalization, consumers will be more likely to experiment with its benefits in their own lives. By helping to educate readers and end the stigma, Latitude offers a space for women who are looking to expand their knowledge and find a like-minded community that supports them.

Those wishing to share their own story can submit online through Latitude's website to help further evolve perceptions around women's cannabis use.

Image Credit: 48North Cannabis Corp. / Angela Lewis