- Sep 30, 2018
A more youthful generation of consumers are attracting the attention of marketers and this list of September 2018 youth trends highlights the various efforts companies go through to offer products and services that appeal to younger people.

Social media is a huge draw for this tech-savvy generation, and this list features numerous examples of convenient app-based services. Notable efforts include adidas' 'Fashion 5 Ways' Snapchat show, which lets users buy products through the social media platform. On a similar note, 'Wow How' uses AR to teach young people about makeup application.

In the entertainment world, the youth are looking for fulfilling and interactive experiences that stimulate multiple senses at once. A prime example of this is Candytopia, an interactive candy-themed installation that opened its doors in San Francisco and New York.

From Youth-Centered Gamer Workshops to Interactive Candy Shows: