XYZ Integrated Architecture Create a Mesmerizing Piece of Furniture

 - May 29, 2018
XYZ Integrated Architecture challenges the understanding of form with its bold chair design that mixes sculptural aesthetics with furniture functionality. Dubbed the 'Delirium Chair,' the structure boasts a noticeable red color that captures attention and can make a friendly accent to the interior of a living, dining or study room. While the structure is decisively architecturally inspired and demands a sizable place for display, the furniture piece will be an artful addition to a highly minimalist design. The form of the Delirium Chair takes cues from the post-modernist movement. Its complexities and weaving form create an engaging mode of existence.

Crafted out of steel, the unique piece by XYZ Integrated Architecture defines itself as a fluid and continuous entity. The bold chair design provides for an interesting silhouette from each angle of perception.