- Jul 1, 2018
The June 2018 home trends cover groundbreaking architecture, unique furniture designs, elements of decor from all over the spectrum, and much more.

In Moscow, Russia, studio Archetype transformed an apartment to boast a powerful redwood interior, with accents of brass and emerald to create a timeless classy aesthetic. To balance out some of the rich hues that generate a bit of a vintage feel, Archetype supplies the apartment with highly modern furniture and decor, which gives it more of a minimalist feel.

Also spotlighted is the 2018 collection of furniture designs from Crosby Studios, which consists of whimsical silhouettes that are colored a deep hue of violet. All of the pieces that comprise the line are said to be inspired by human movements, giving them a delicate and fluid aesthetic.

From Bread-Shaped Sofas to Boxy Two-Storey Homes: