101 Mobility's Lifton Home Elevator is a Contemporary Stair Lift Alternative

 - May 15, 2018
References: nnj.101mobility & prnewswire
Mobility and accessibility solutions provider 101 Mobility recently installed the first Lifton Home Elevator in New Jersey, which serves as a modern alternative to the residential elevator and in-home stair lift.

Whereas other mobility solutions tend to be cumbersome and consume a significant amount of space, the Lifton Home Elevator is easily installed and boasts a sleek, modern design. As many aging consumers are reluctant to invite products into their homes that are associated with getting old, such as stair lifts, Mobility 101 sees its innovation as modern and cool. The system also has the potential to be used as a dumb waiter, making it easy for large or heavy items—like suitcases and vacuum cleaners—to be circulated between floors with ease.

The Lifton Home Elevator is positioned as a solution for "active, vibrant seniors, who grew up in the Rock and Roll era, now in their 70s – 80s, [who] like to think of themselves as the first really cool generation of seniors."