- May 27, 2018
From luxurious music festival tents to royal wedding cruises, the June 2018 travel trends demonstrate that there are no limits when it comes to niche travel experiences.

For many, the start of summer means the start of festival season and the inevitable travel that comes with it. To elevate the experience, festivals such as Coachella are teaming up with recognized hotel chains like Marriott International to create luxurious accommodations.

Beyond music festivals, the June 2018 travel trends also reveal that cruises remain a popular summer vacation option. Luckily for consumers there are niche cruise options for every type of traveler. For instance, the British travel company Quintessentially is hosting a royal wedding-themed cruise to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptials.

From Luxurious Music Festival Tents to Festive Royal Wedding Cruises: