The Easy-to-Use Ovaer is a Must-Have for Traveling

 - Apr 18, 2018
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The Ovear is an ultra-comfortable inflatable travel collar that is practical and convenient. The neck-piece is the perfect solution for those jam-packed over-night flights or long train rides. The product is ergonomically correct, as the travel collar offers premium support that holds your head steady and upward while you nap. In addition, Ovaer is easy-to-use and can be directly inflated through an inner valve. It is adjustable for different size and occasion-specific needs.

The travel collar also incorporates an attachable hood that is intentionally oversized to provide privacy when needed. As it is extremely portable, the accessory can be worn as an infinity scarf while you wait in line for passport check.

The overall look of the travel collar is minimalist and can seamlessly blend into any outfit. As an added bonus, Ovaer is made to be machine-washable.