- May 27, 2018
The business world is often reflective of societal interests, and this list of May 2018 Business ideas outline some of the ways in which companies are shifting their focus to appeal to contemporary consumer.

A new restaurant design for Wendy's speaks to the environmentally conscious consumer as the fast food chain announced a new energy-saving initiative which is set to be implemented by 2020. Meanwhile, 7-eleven in Japan is prioritizing consumer convenience after partnering with a travel agency to set up kiosks where travelers could safely lock up their room keys or other valuables. This also means that those using P2P services like AirBnb can retrieve room keys at any time, eliminating the inconvenience of late-night trade-offs.

Feminist endeavors are another topic of interest for corporations, as businesses seek ways to empower its female employees and consumers. In light of this, Estee Lauder created two prestigious awards which will spotlight the achievements of women in STEM fields. On a similar note, CoverGirl collaborated with Girls Who Code to fight gendered stereotypes about women in computer science fields.

From Energy-Efficient QSR Chains to Gamified Company Culture Apps: