SILVER's Roaster of Silver Models is Exceptional and Inspirational

 - Apr 24, 2018
References: agencesilver
As beauty should not be defined in temporal terms, a modeling agency concentrates its efforts on refuting ageism with its gorgeous and awe-inspiring line-up of silver models. A thoughtful organization that seeks to empower and encourage people of 40 and over, AGENCE SILVER identifies "women and men whose beauty defies time." Promoting elegance and exquisiteness, the company is located in Paris and basis its practices on inclusivity and open-hearted acceptance.

The initiative does not only boost the self-esteem of the silver models, but it also provides them with employment. In addition, the breathtaking and arty visuals of the drop-dead gorgeous mature models is exceedingly inspiration and can motivate the community to pursue healthier lifestyles, take care of their bodies and even aspire to be one of AGENCE SILVER's silver models.