This Small-Format Wendy's Restaurant Design Reduces Energy Use

 - Apr 25, 2018
To reach its goal of opening more than 600 new Wendy's restaurants by 2020, The Wendy's Co. has introduced small-format and energy-efficient designs for its franchisees.

The Wendy's Smart 2.0 design boasts Energy Star-certified kitchen equipment, LED interior and exterior lighting, patio furniture made from recycled materials as well as a prototype kiosk to do away with the need for interior menu boards.

The new Wendy's restaurant design sets itself apart as one of the first to be part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings by 20%. As part of its commitment to the national program on reduced energy consumption, Wendy's is now working towards meeting this goal by 2025.