- Dec 9, 2018
This list of graphic t-shirt gift ideas adorns something simple with details that are drawn from a plethora of different areas. A plain tee can serve as a canvas to take on graphics that take from artwork, new design approaches, photographs, and more.

An example is the Carhartt WIP and Compos Mentis' collaborative collection of tees that are dedicated to aiding mental health research through a creative means. The graphics, in this case, channel five different photographers with the joint purpose of bringing awareness to mental health conditions. The white graphic tees' profits go directly to the charitable organization MQ Mental health to highlight the possible betterment of society through psychology.

Another great idea is UNIQLO's Marvel graphic tee collection with UT Grand Prix -- the Japanese lifestyle label has been a giant in the graphic tee territory this year and Marvel is only one of its many graphic works. The label channels talents from all over the globe with the UT Grand Prix 2018 t-shirt design competition, challenging fans to create their own Marvel design. Winning selections from the pool of 8,500 entries were then placed on a selection of soft cotton tees.

From Mental Health Awareness T-Shirts to Superhero T-Shirt Capsules: