- Jan 10, 2019
These QSR design innovations range from modernist bakery interiors to experiential ice cream shops. Bake by architecture studio 07Beach is a standout that marries monochromatic and neon accents seamlessly. The minimalist Japanese pastry shop is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and consists of cool concrete finishes throughout along with vivid yellow signage.

Another standout is mega ice-cream chain Baskin-Robbins' new 'Moments' ice cream shop concept which opened its doors in Fresno, California. The revamped shop format boasts a Millennial-minded aesthetic that is social media-friendly and will be launched at various locations across the United States later this year.

Other notable examples include Taco Bell's unique brand activation at San Diego's Comic-Con which was a recreation of the restaurant concept featured in popular film Demolition Man -- a cult classic that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

From Modernist Bakery Interiors to Experiential Ice Cream Shops: