Flower Burger Sets Itself Apart as "Italy's First Gourmet Veganburgheria"

'Flower Burger' prides itself on being "the first gourmet veganburgheria of Italy" and a destination for vegans, vegetarians and burger lovers of all kinds.

While there are many healthy, plant-based eateries that make their menu offerings known to consumers with vibrant green color schemes, Flower Burget sets itself apart with a groovy nostalgic interior. The orange-hued space boasts retro seating, bold flower power decals and soft lighting that helps to make the space feel like a cozy 70s-style lounge room.

Some of the unique menu items on offer at Flower Burger include the Cheesy Cecio, as well as the signature Flower Burger and the Cherry Bomb, which serves a patty made with lentils, vegan cheese, soy sprouts and other fun toppings on a pink-colored bun.