Kimu's 'Pinocchio Vases' are Made from Beech Wood

In the story of Pinocchio, a puppet comes to life and quests to become a real boy by learning the value of honesty, and it's no lie that the Pinocchio Vases from Korean studio Kimu look classy and understated in almost any decor environment. As the name suggests, the vases are inspired by the famous story and Disney film, making use of an uncommon material considering their purpose.

Most vases are either made from glass, porcelain, or ceramics, which is part of what makes the Pinocchio Vases interesting. Wood isn't typically used to hold water, but Kimu uses waxed Beech to keep the vases protected. The two vases come with different caps: one is a spherical piece of ash wood with a hole through the center, and the other is an elegant copper plate.