The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia Boasts Good Design and Comfort

 - May 19, 2018
References: staylokal
When it comes to boutique hotel designs, it is often the case that the interiors are characterless and mundane, not offering that personal and welcoming vibe that travelers look for when visiting a new place. The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia seeks to embrace its regional charm and provide a room, which guests can temporally call home. This is a good example of how the hospitality industry is focusing on fostering a homey experience to its guests.

The establishment is curated by a husband and wife duo, who are avid travelers and noticed the unfortunate approach to boutique hotel designs. Striving to escape "the same beige walls and maroon paisley bedspread" aesthetic, the entrepreneurs build a design-forward hotel that is catered to embody the local Philadelphian experience.