Murals Wallpaper Celebrates Raw Beauty with a Concrete Effect

Drawing inspiration from urban cities, station designs, and spiritual sanctuaries, this new collection of Brutalist Architecture wallpapers brings about an unexpectedly chic and grungy feel to any room. Flourishing from the early 1950s to the mid-1970s, "Le Brutalisme" is a forgotten descendant of the Modernist Movement. Its recent revival, however, has been apparent in many spheres of interior design.

Murals Wallpaper brings back its unforgiving grey textures and repeated uniform patterns with its Concrete Effect Wallpaper. The monochromatic geometric patterns add a sense of scale to every room and challenge traditional design from an 'anti-glam' perspective. The bold and dramatic shades in the Brutalist Architecture wallpaper are incredibly versatile and stylish as they are capable of complementing almost every color scheme, ultimately bringing unforgivable rawness to contemporary interior settings through the Concrete Effect.