Clouds Architecture Office's Proposes an Avatar X Campus

 - Nov 14, 2018
References: cloudsao & dezeen
New York-based firm Clouds Architecture Office completes and releases its concept for the Avatar X Space Exploration Campus which is a public-private program run by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and ANA Holdings. The idea accommodates high-tech sensibilities and features an exceptionally functional design. The research center is to be suspended over a man-made moon-like crater. Located in an old mining site in Japan, the futuristic space will serve as the headquarters for prototyping space-related robotic technologies.

The silhouette of Avatar X's building is strongly informed by pressure vessels — structures that are "common in space architecture," according to Ostap Rudakevych. The semi-transparent rhombus will be suspended at a height of 18 meters and will be held in place by steel cables. The Avatar X Lab will be accessible via a bridge that connects the vessel with the edge of the crater.