The Start-Up Doxel is Enhancing Big Construction Projects Using Tech

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: zdnet & venturebeat
Thanks to the start-up Doxel, construction projects may now be easier and more on-time. The burgeoning company specializes in the promise that its robots and AI will be the key to solving late and over-budget construction projects. Combining modern technology, such as 3D scans, autonomous drones, computer imaging and AI software, Doxel is hoping to better streamline the construction process and keep costs down. In a recent testing in Sand Diego, Doxel was implemented in a building project and was helpful in the projects development time, and was able to bring the budget down 11%.

The start-up Doxel looks at the issues around construction as a series of communication errors, and its innovation is to better handle these issues with artificial intelligence. Information gained from the robots and human workers drive the deep neural network of the AI, and from there the AI can ensure timely completion of all facets of the project. Doxel's core proposition seems to focus on the idea of productivity, and therefore its software and innovation have been tailored to improve productivity and ensure an efficient workspace.