InVia Robotics is Offering Subscription-Based Robot Services to Warehouses

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: inviarobotics & venturebeat
InVia Robotics is hoping to bring robots to warehouses through a subscription-based service. Founded in Westlake Village, California in 2015, Invia Robotics focuses on autonomous robotic warehouse solutions. The company's current focus is on eCommerce distribution hubs and supply chains, and a majority of the company's products aim to work in conjunction with humans to optimize productivity and decrease operational costs.

InVia Robotics is currently pitching the idea of a subscription-based service to many warehouses as it attempts to aid companies in understanding the importance of robotic services. The subscription-based model offered by Invia Robotics, negates the need to huge up-front investments from retailers, while still allowing them to keep up with behemoths like Amazon. InVia Robotics hopes that more eCommerce companies will begin the shift towards robotic use and it will be there to meet the growing need.

Image Credit: InVia Robotics