From Autonomous Shapeshifting Cars to Autonomous Flying Car Concepts

 - Nov 20, 2018
Some examples in this list of autonomous autos are already prototyped and awaiting approval, others are in their manufacturing stages, and some are pure concepts. Cutting-edge technology and worthwhile ideas, however, are disrupting the car industry and are present in all three categories.

Self-driving vehicles are already being used for simple, low-impact tasks to ease in consumers into the idea of an autonomous auto. For example, AutoX delivers groceries to consumers in San Jose via a driverless car. As the entire idea of a self-driving vehicle can rise some anxieties — and understandably so, companies like Jaguar attempt to add a human component in the form of intelligent virtual eyes to alleviate doubt of performance.

Of course, although we still have not perfected the autonomous auto concept, companies are already conceptualizing how a flying self-driving vehicle would operate.