The 'Stewart II' Informs Drivers of the Vehicle's Intentions

 - Jul 3, 2018
References: felixros & yankodesign
The 'Stewart II' is a haptic communication device that will enable drivers to keep a connection to their vehicle when it is in an autonomous operation mode to ensure they are always aware of what is going on.

One of the problems with self-driving cars is the fact that they will make decisions that passengers are uninformed about, which can be somewhat startling given the unpredictable nature of driving. This is acknowledged with the device seen here that will communicate the directional intentions of the system via haptic feedback that can be accessed through the integrated palm pad to keep passengers informed. Passengers can also have their say to ensure that the vehicle operates as they want it to rather than only according to how its sensors and AI control center believe it should.

The 'Stewart II' is the design work of Felix Ros.