Argo AI is a Entrepreneurial Company, Located in Pittsburgh

 - Jun 20, 2018
References: & nextpittsburgh
Argo AI is a Pittsburgh-based startup that tackles the challenges posed in the development of functional autonomous vehicle technology. The entrepreneurial business is dedicated to "make transportation safer, more accessible, affordable and convenient for all." With its ambitious mission statement and its talented team, Argo AI partnered with the Ford Motor Company. The auto giant pledged a stunning sum of $1 billion to fuel the startup's research and experiments toward safe and sustainable autonomous vehicle technology. In return, Argo AI is committed to creating "a virtual driver system for the automaker's self-driving car" that is set to debut in 2021.

With a flair for interdisciplinary engagement, Argo AI acquired Princeton Lightwave in October to enhance and inspire their quest toward autonomous vehicle technology. The partnership gave them access to LiDAR — a sensor that will make driverless cars more intuitive in bad weather and urban environments.